Schneider Electric Micrologic Trip Unit

Micrologic Trip Units

Micrologic Electronic Trip Units Are Designed For Use In Both PowerPact And Masterpact Circuit Breakers

schneider All Micrologic trip units provide impeccable, electronic circuit protection with adjustable protection settings for maximum system coordination and flexibility.

Sophisticated functionality, such as energy and power quality metering capabilities, is integrated in the more advanced trip units.


Do you have a MicroLogic trip unit at your site that isn’t functioning as expected or perhaps spuriously tripping?
If it’s a MicroLogic 2.0A or 5.0A, this is a known issue and requires a MicroLogic 2.0E or 5.0E as a replacement.

Our Engineers Are Available To Attend Your Site And Install Replacement Micrologic Trip Units And Conduct Secondary Injection Testing At A Time To Suit Your Needs.


PowerPact® P- and R-frame molded case circuit breakers and all Masterpact® power circuit breakers are equipped with the Micrologic® trip system to protect power circuits and loads. Micrologic trip systems use a set of current transformers (called CTs or sensors) to sense the current, a trip unit to evaluate the current m and a tripping solenoid to trip the circuit breaker. Micrologic trip-units are field-interchangeable.

Protection Level
Micrologic (Standard) 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 Trip Units
Micrologic (Ammeter) 2.0A, 3.0A, 5.0A and 6.0A Trip Units
Includes all features listed for Micrologic standard trip unit, as well as:
Micrologic (Power) 5.0P and 6.0P Trip Units
Power measurement and advanced protection features includes all features listed for Micrologic ammeter trip unit, as well as:
Micrologic (Harmonic) 5.0H and 6.0H Trip Units
Power quality measurement and advanced protection features. Includes all features listed for the Micrologic P (Power) trip unit, as well as:
micrologics unit 1
Schneider Electric Micrologic 5.0E Protection Unit during secondary injection.
micrologics unit 2
Micrologic Trip Unit Settings Options

Distributed energy metering is a critical first step to reducing energy consumption. It will help you understand exactly where, when, and how much energy you are consuming throughout your facilities so you can discover opportunities to improve your efficiency.

The new Micrologic E control unit for Compact NS and Masterpact NT/NW circuit breakers affordably combines protection, metering, and communications in a way that is smart, safe, and simple.

This will be an important first step toward a complete Active Energy Management programme that can often achieve up to 30% in energy savings.